34: Mavericks



Eye Breathe as the Dream
Making Love to the Earth
Eye Speak as the Stream
One Scripture in Universe

May Heaven be the HeArt of Hell in our Holding
As We Dance Together through Her Holy War
May the Hearth of UnHoly Hara
Free Hera in Our Dreams Ashore

May we make Majesty in Our Memory
Set ablaze in a Burning Light
Where we Sail the Seas of Our EterniTy
Making Love to the Scenes of Fright

May we Dream inTune Being
Our Anatomy in Seeing
Weave the Seams of Our Perceiving
Our HeArt a Drum to We Believing

Here Eye Breathe InTune the song of Our Birthing Body
Where Breath be the Melody Eye Play
Come Learn to Play Me
Dance into the Dawning Day
Come and Make Me
a Melody in Blade
Cast InTune the Symphony
As a Forest Fire to Set Our HeArts Ablaze
Awaken the Internal Sage
Who Fucks the Magick in Her Holy Rage

Souly for the Reason that Eye Choose to Be
Eye Arise the Mage inside of Me

Dance as the Dream
Calling forth from the Well of Memory
Rembering the Scenes
of Ancient Futurings Residing
the Remedy Inside Me
Come Alive in the Night
Know Hiding
Wake the Ocean into the Light
Free Falling into the Flight
Sight Motion into the Fight
Fuck the Demons all In Delight

Mother my Lover come Learn to Play me
May this body breathe as your Instrumentating
Eye sell my soul free InTune the RiTual
Sympathetically Resonating
Our Symphony
Harmonizing 5D
In Our World's RePainting

Paving new ways for our Waters,
in Poetry to Run
Casting Canyons
Who Crystalize Chaos in Cascade
the Holy War Our Masquerade
Romancing Fate into the Setting Sun
where the Devil Dreams
in Dancing Drum
to Destiny the Angel's Tongue

Our Dawning Daughter Dreams
of an Imminent Thunder
scenes to me in the unseen
Release to YøÛ Pull me Under