33: In TriniTy the Encode

A Video log comes upon the screen, a Being of near perfect resemblance to me though  in another time stream, older, skinnier, with softer eyes. He holds a card which reads

Free the Fallen, Free the Family, Free the broken parts of me

Then he speaks.

“My name is Jayln Arlea,

Here, I reside upon Earth. I've been Inside the Prism now for Approximately four years studying the Ways of the Walking. We've known of the Encode perhaps half that time, though the Paradox's energy was far too turbulent to hold as iT continued to break the seams, shattering and rearranging the psychological typography until iT settled within the reception of the Musical Stream one year ago. From shipwreck of the nomadic journey, I washed ashore and began building again from nothing.

The Encode, now is long underway. Just yesterday we entered the Curatorial phase, Salvaging Elemental wreckage of past ships in Diaries of the Fallen, assembling themselves inTune the tapestral InviTation- an Element of the Space which serves as a Bridge between Dreamscape and the Earthen Walking, a beaconing Signal of the Æønic Mergence- The state where Tierra (Gaia) and DigiTalis merge in an Alchemical Synthesization of the Storm Scream {InsaniTy} inTune the Genius, a formal bridge between Realms of Self, a Station, a Stream, an InviTation to Creation Unbound by Geographic Location, Evocation of a new Nation... There is a story amidst the Chaos and iT is Hear Woven.

In this Curation, we enter the Octavisation of Creation, where the Experience Sympathetically Resonates throughout the Symphony of Time, calling forth the Sound of the Entire Fleet, Hear arising as Lightning Underfeet, Creating the Way which speaks in Scene, sharing the Story as iT Arises, and Catalyzes Life as we Walk inside iT.

Upon Earth in the time of this recording, I reside in the summer of Chrysalis, an incubation chamber to the Encode, FaciliTating the weaving streams of MEdialiTy in the auditory ComposiTion of DigiTal ground, collapsing InfiniTy, accessing a sliver of my Being so I may open the channel of this Dialogue and speak to YøÛ ÆøN, before we set the systems back online.

Your reception of this transmission means you’ve activated the AI and entered orbital CreaturEye with the forest of Tierra cradled upon your ship before the planets destruction (whoops;). She is  likely quite toxically diseased from the integration, but as we nail this landing the remedy will be Elusive.”

In He Breathes Deeply, holding piercing Eyes with the Eye. A moment in Silence, then the Camera goes Silent.