30 Extemporal

Eye Reflection

Shatter the mirror. Shards of glass radiating all around me, screaming out as my fists bleed, but there before me, still remains my own reflection. Take me away. Far, far away, here no words live to describe the space.

I see flashes of an echo chamber, torturous memories in a mad man's mind as he dives deeper into abyssal insanity- taunting him so seductively, through the ringing of his own screams reverberating off white walls drowning him in flooding dreams. He says he's escaped the white room, but where is he now? Floating on an island of wreckage in the middle of the city. An entire world surrounds, but he has no words to speak. Echo chamber still surrounds me. Everywhere that I go, no matter who I'm with, I'm forever alone. Paralysis floods the sea from within. I'm sorry my Love drowns in his own skin.

How long have I been out here? Nowhere to go, no space to return home. iT has all fallen apart, all burned to the ground, but I still hear faint embers bleeding out, calling me. I've fallen so far off the end, forced to kiss lost lovers goodbye. Not because they didn't hold my heart, but the boy they knew had died. How long have I been alone? Now, the only memory I've ever known. Dreaming to fall asleep so the stars can take me home.

Lost, drifting through the ocean atop a long forgotten ship's wreckage, dragged by entrenching fingers of the endless tides. Lost. Fumbling for nothing, desperate hands reaching out for a lifeline vainly wrap through air. How did I fall so far away from all I've ever loved? I've heard iT speak in song, like memory fading from dream, once so loud and  so vivid , now mockingly silent. I drift, helpless and hopeless. Have you abandoned me? A guide once known so deep in Heart now forgotten. No signs to read but endless sea and blazing sun- beauty turned against me. My skin, once kissed in bathing light now blisters and bleeds in iTs sight. Drained and utterly empty, I know shore is millions of miles away.  I count the minutes before the sweet escape, the only way is down.

Let the wind breathe me, and take me away, far, far away from this place. Though I know I'll never be a far enough to escape the suffocation of everywhere I am. Clench my eyes shut, don't let them see, reaching hands of deep sea beneath me. Take me, take me, come save me now, let me down, in your darkness I drown.