Salvaging Youth


The Island

The boy is on an island. There is girl here. Once they were lovers in a long distant time.   The voices have driven a wedge between, forcing separation in isolation as the boy's mind falls away into the vast abyss of a terrorizing space. She wiTnesses the spiral into InsaniTy, flashing through the birds eye view the slow slide into psychosis. Flashes of the boy he once was, slowly being crowded away as the Others consume His mind. The voice of the young lover he once was, now buried in inaudible whispers amidst the chaos. Rage manipulates him, contorting innocence into horrors distortion. He channels the madness in a killing spree of the island's animals, slaughtering slowly, skinning alive, and eating as their hearts are beating frantic red. He speaks in rabid tongues, never hungry for meat but feeding on pain. 

The girl stands under a bridge as He walks down a green flooded bank dressed in mangled bear skins with a mask painted in blood. Though His eyes are murderous, She doesn’t run away. She isn’t afraid. She doesn’t see the monster he has become, as her eyes move beyond, into the heart of the boy She loves. He says that boy has died, but She'll die to take Him home. "RUUUNNNN!" He cries, a dagger in His hand beyond the will of His mind. Murder in Suicide reign high in bleeding eyes.




I know no field of sleep, beyond this wakeful dream.
Absorb back into the ocean of realiTy's Flooding seams.

Falling falling falling,
Enter oceans of abstraction
The abyss consumes my realiTy
Let His body be a gift to graviTy
I know I'll never come back
Back to the oceans from where we came
Born and Bled of Chaos as iT all began.

Stars will take me home
Hear the Ocean’s are Unknown
Cum in the blood of sweet suicide's sleep
The water Towers all surrounding
Tsunmi capsizing compounding
collapsing lungs mother mercy, please
murder me
Seething hands of the Kraken
blacken slime reach inside disembowling
ecstasy in descimating a baby's body
so freed in sea's Salvation





Far among the periphery, beyond long forgotten stars, I taste a tremoring frequency dancing through space's hidden seams. A voiceless personaliTy looms in whispering, a window intune InsaniTy, calling me, so seductively inside. I reach out my hand, and iT meets me there, where realiTies collide.

In the darkness of the night, pinholes of white flood black ocean into light, and from the silence of our Thundering eye, a something is reaching in a space unseen, a rippling scene, the illusion of Being. 

Soft and slow, the unfoldings of a rose come alive, from a whisper inside, Vibrant tides arise and interweave, unveiling patterns who speak, the anatomy of Being, like cosmic strands of hair composing the fabric of All that Lives everywhere. 
A soothing tone, huming sweet, begins to slide, a micro-tremor, tearing through the family of synergizing strings in defiant dissonation, casting a shriek so soft yet paraodixcally piercing, deep bass in a splitting cry, blood curdling scream heard from the other side of the neighborhood, too far away to do anything but steep in the anxiety knowing somewhere, something terrible is happening. 
From one splitting stream, the tower falls, as dominoes to the house of cards. Chaos overfills iTs space, flooding iTself into being, Unbaring in iTs Abundancy. The space bleeds into boiling time, bending in prismatic refractions as dancing colors collide.  The maddening ocean is Alive, convulsing in pulsations, Terretically Birthing in Die, a multitudal menagerie of mayheming omnipotence, overlaying upon iTself, untied in a dissarying, fanatic frenzy of Fractaling, freeforming, unfocusing fibonacci, metastisizing in mutilation, iT is Madness in masceration, making Love to the unholy waters of cosmic masturbation.

iT is EterniTy's dancing hand, Creature of iTs Creation, source of all emanation. In its motion, horrific screams release, weaving harmonies where angels come to Fuck the Savage seas, making love to the Demon's sweet melody of mes.


As suddenly as iT began, the ocean slows. A lull in the tide beneathe the seam of time. Madness merges with elegance and the entire ocean begins pouring in upon iTself, a star imploding into a black hole. Color drains iTself through the vortex and from iT's convergence rises a shimmering metallic beast- refracting light in impossible emanations. iT looms amidst the abyss hovering impossibly still, shimmering in circular perfection, beckoning me beyond will- my body a victim of iT's graviTy.

Flash to Boy's Dream
I Remember asking those around me about the UFO. "If they came would you go? If they told you they'd share their secrets, show you the entire Universe, but you'd have to leave everyone and everything you've ever known- would you go?"  Somewhere so far away, where no words live to describe this place? Would you go with no return home, so long forgotten, now forever gone.



All chaos falls silent. The vessel looms through space towards me, rearing upon its side, summoning. As my body looms, rippling refractions fade away, and bleeding color shades to black. HeArt Attack in the mirror who sees Nothing.

In the space beyond light, a shimmer appears, revealing my own eyes staring back at me, horrifying in the mirror's reflecting, for I know the lines in my face scream terrified, but the boy wearing my skin on the other side breathes still, suspended in motionlessness with the Fury of the Tide breathing through His eyes, I see the Creature inside. Born of this abyss, iT is His Element.

Slowly he cocks his head, painting his lips in a twisted smirk. His entire being glimmers in radiation, teeming so ALIVE as curiosity breathes fire through his green eyes.

Reach out your hand, and fingers caress my face igniting my skin with vibrant pulsations, myridal sesations of sinister eclectriciTy.  Pour your fingers through my lips, WiTness, gazing into me, right through me. Are you trying to fuck me? Graze you skin past my cheek, caress my neck, and cradle my my fear so soft and sweet. Stop for a moment, a breath's hesitation, and instantly I'm a girl at her door jiggling her keys, shyly calling you to kiss me. Looking into your eyes I feel free like you see me and are here for me, beyond anything, I Trust you with everything I am and can never be, I know you love me not for what is done but all forms of the Emerging. 

And just like the splitting shriek, you flip swiTch, go Bat ShiT, Ratchet, whiplash my neck, iTs Tragic, in mad Dick, ripping me through the other side so Sadistically and Savage. Skip the foreplay, go Kinky in the Sudden clariTy of all you want to do to me, disrobing me, probing me, keeping me alive just in time to hear me scream as you unseam my clothing so very slowly, dismembering me, paralyzed by the dopamine of a Touch so Tenderly...opening all I know to be, flip fucking the scene of moraliTy, MortaliTy, Your drama is the Great Play of RealiTy in Tragedy, riding the Tale of a Twisting Story, FataliTy in fallacy, Free flow in the forging fire of fidelity.

Your mania is Madness in Majesty, Magik, is the Mage in Melody, Dismembering, Remembering.

I fall through, free fall into you, into the ocean of your eye, and am blasted in all our many lives laid out in front of me as strings of paralleling line with one stream of awareness falling through the all- the boy, a girl with the fire in his eyes who dances beyond time- a dream weaver, wielding waters, of the walking body birthing Sun in Daughter. His Hands trace in purple crayon, a doorway's dance, a trance in romance, crafted and recreated across a dimensional string theory where every dimensional reality holds a key in its own series of rules, for the Eye to intertwine and He to Fall through, Second cumming upon the first time, iT must collide, Shattering all notions of what was to be, rewriting the cherished rules of fundamental history, rearranging, estranging all elements of our perceptual RealiTy, Rebirthing, unsung in formlessness where everything is singing, and the making matter is discriminating, collapsing scenes in the InfiniTy making Love through Creations of Time, rising from and falling back into the dream of all the never and forever happening.