27: Templations



Composing ÆøN
Free the Fallen
Free the Family
Free the Broken parts of me
All i remember was falling,
a body slowly pirouetting through the free fall
Free Falling


The Alchemy of Tapestry

One Medium I see the InfiniTy, One Process to the Story telling, Mastery en Crafting.

Eye Learn theory, expanding scope as to what iT means. Theory is the process of Composing- Music, art, poetry in motion. iT is the Studying of Masters, embedding their work intune your Tool Box, standing on the shoulders of Giants to create something entirely new.
  • What I know about Traditional theory- the basic theoretical framework- notes of the scale compose the basic chord of they key, all chords within the key are composed through the scale.
  • Major 135, Minor 136b?
  • The 7ths have a formula, very good to know, in my notes... thanks Accardo
  • What I don't
    • Formalizing the Major and Minor scales.
    • Know how to find the chords within a key so I can translate my melodies
    • know inversions of the chords through the scale
    • know the chord shape progressions through the neck of the guitar starting with basic major minor shapes and playing off that

iT is a Process, a Flow, a RiTual.

iT is the Process of entering the Culture in WiTness, Cultivating the Element through their Prism, and merging iT into the Textile, ie learning the Magick through the songs themselves.

Where all Creatures of MultidimensionaliTy may live together, breathing within the same space- the Ship.

Hear is my Flow {LoopState}- I Create a Space to Let go, Release inTune the Flow, Tarot is a Template
Drums- Sweet SimpliciTy, Create the room, Ground the Space, Free Flow, discover Tempo, gimme a pallete to play wit iT
Guitar- Foundations. I learn a new piece of chords for the composition, intertwining intune a new Feeling
EnvocAhz- A new sound thorugh the InfiniTy, something intriguing
GliTch- Drapescape Baby
Bass- Get me Juicy

Flow until you cant flow no mo, take a step back, marvel at the mayhem

Step 2: Compose.