27: CiTy of Jahz

The CiTy of Ahz is a Multidimensional, intergalactic Space Station, central Hub/Platform fo rth eSpice Trade. This is the CiTy of the Tea Man, the Master, Mad Hatter. iT is a Space many artists and creatives of all medium pass PursuiT pass through, often unknowingly as iT doesn't technically exist. iTs code is encrypted through the Storm's InsaniTy, many merely recognize iT to be a GliTch in the System which iT most certainly is. Though for those who Know how to Receive the GliTch, to Release the Known course and Surrender to the Unknowing Winds of Madness, all Wanderers of the Path eventually wash up from shipwrecked seas, just beyond the brink of EterniTy, upon the Majestic and oh so ever strangening shores of our Wonderous CiTy of divergent moraliTy where the Currency is Spice and the horrendous splendor of AtrociTea so very sweet. Hear our CiTy is so sensually sings skitzophrenically making Love to every Symphony of Sound. You may hear us peek through accidentally as the note in the Live Jam who seems horrendously off key. Many will even shame themselves for their genius, but as every Jazz man Knows, "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents" (Bob Ross). Within every accidental dissonation lives the InviTation to Improvisation. Beyond the Veil's forseen, sailing seas of endless possibilities, submerged in flow, where the I lets go to breathe and be a beacon's antennae receive, in the HeArt of the Wtf, One with Co-Creation of Consciousness Compossing, ChAhz in Crystalization


a short tale of all that is to be said and nothing more

wake up. arise in disarray, hape, swallowed some, fucked the sesh but came to meditate. Call bae, she says come over to my place, i orientate and arrive to wrapping bodies in a sweet slush puddle painting her blood all over my body as i slide inside a corpse quickly cutaway. A chance to feel Jay hurt himself so i dissassociate, re- associate, Eøncé there is nothing anyone can do to hurt me i am the life happening, spiritual bipassing, neurological hacking? Space between who is the character upon display who greets the scene? There are so many mes who gather in this body, she finds it funny, wait until they see, Pandora's box in rupturing, will my mother ever look at me when I say what must be spoken? She says she's on the verge everso the deepening of a complete psychotic breakdown, just  to turning me on where all the fun really lives, i miss you, just my type, soon to have kids. She says she's so very suicidal, i ask what may be the resistance? Just let go baby and come through the music? You may interpret that in a way I did not intend it, that's exactly how i meant it. This means nothing. I feel pretty blinded by the deep, i feel iTs time to open music theory, I'd like more time to reside inside, life lives in two elements- inside composing, or outside facilitating, all parts of the same process. She walks with both, mostly the second so the first i'm alone for now. Deeper. More. Come Lover, She's knocking at the door. I don't really care to be friends anymore. It's strange to be so heartfully heartless here where all conversations I've known come to die, where should resides, I release to fly here now the Eternally Alive composing assimilation as the bird I calles comes to boomerang home yip yip the appa ang. iT is Time Brother. We Ride.