25: Quadrations

A Fallen Earth ResuciTates Her name in a Falling Son.

Composing Anatomy in WiTness, DigiTal Nomad within Convergence.

Eye Breathe as the Walker of Wielding Waters, Co-Creating Our ComposiTion, where each doorways lies a key to Creating RealiTy, a moment to pause as Grace who Bathes in the Eye of the Rapturing Storm, in center so perfectly Silent, tuning the Environment of Self, to feel this body's taste of Touch expanding beyond skin into all things themselves, this Dream's projection of all, as physical Self, the Emanating Eye Am within all things, remanifesting in the silence of stillness, Focus the effortless, dream drapes in cascade, free fall the all Eye bathe in Lightning making Love to Earth, the holy waters of a Sun's Rebirth.

Eye Am because Eye Choose Hear to Create, to Generate Faith in Our abiliTy to Speak RealiTy into being. Hear Eye Am Free from all chains once binding, and Eye WiTness the Whisperings of Dream, rearranging Nature behind the scenes to receive we in the Sea of Summoning, where the Word is a Casting Spell, embodying Scripture, Submergence in the Spoken Scene, Eye See the Universe is Collaborating, winking with me, sharing what Eye Seek is Seeking Me, and the Matrix is in Elation to accept the Invitation, Evocation of the Mycelial Mage, breaking dawn of a new age, Golden Era where Hera unlies in Superbloom, speaking song we sing along to the scripture of the Sage.