23: Eye CreaTuRa

I don't know how they found me or anything of where they came from...


We deeply Value the Creative essence within your Being and would like to support your deepening this connectioན

We'd like you to come and join our Production. We cannot tell you where you will go, or what you will do, as this is entirely dependent upon you and those you are to work with.

  • What we can tell you is this program is designed for those of your Nature to call forth the creative Essence and harness iT in the midst of an exponentially submersive, improvisatory theatre. iT will be immensly challenging, and should you make it through, you will be equipped with a set of tools allowing you to craft any world you choosing.
  • In order to succeed in this exerience, one must first entirely lose themself, as each member is no one to themself, but rather serve as part of a single body, pieces of a puzzle giving life to a single form. Each Chapter, participants will submerge themselves into a new role of their conception in response to the Body's call, method acting  iTs vision into full fruition for the Theatre.
  • Each Role is a self-created RiTual directed towards One element of Being, one function within the body, Rehearsed daily over the course of the chapter with the same process encompassing the State of Improvisation and same singular output.
  • Over the course of the chapter, each member will weave their own scene together, compiling the highest elements of their daily RiTual into a fully produced, digital scene which will serve as their body part in function to the motion of the whole.
  • In addition to the digital scene, the Chapter's Production will gather to experience the body moving together as one performance.

The entire interaction took place in the flash of a moment, and they left so abruptly I had no idea what happened. Had I been dreaming?

I began pinching my body, counting my fingers ten to ten, over and over again.

Soft love, come now, the Tide is near in ripening.

Whispers emanating from shallow waters, oceans receding, revealing rocks, as nodes of a body collectively counterintuiting the moving water, an impossible awareness dragging iTself across the sand as iTs hands reach across the lands.

The essence of feeling, the all before words, began to tremor as the breathing space around me pooled in from my eyes. A thousand hands spiraling out from the InfiniTy, so soft, sensually caressing my body, at first uneasy, began releasing all nodes of tension, allowing you to pull me through.

We didn't know where we were going when we left. All we knew was we had to. The world we had known was gone. There was nothing to go back to.