20.1: Prisma Fractæl

The Government has established a perimeter around a space they call Area X, the site of a supposed extra-terrestrial "crash" landing in which an amorphous field (the Shimmer) of unknowing composition is slowly spreading outwards terraforming the space it touches, The Shimmer acsts a Prism, refracting light in way which restructures the DNA of all living things inside, causing a vegetative-fungal superbloom of organisms mutating/merging in ways which radically defy all known processes of evolution.

The government has sent many military-scientific teams of investigation to journey inside the Shimmer. The vast majority have not come back, and those who have are now entirley derranged, walking through a continual sea of delirium, as if submerged in an entirely different reality with only vague indications of awareness of real life.

Every day, the Shimmer grows, and their understanding of iT diminishes with each additional report of contradictory information. In essence, they're becoming increasingly desperate. I've waited some time for them to marinate with their exponentially increasing state of anxiety, and now feels the appropriate time to pay a visit. They'll undoubtedly let me in as I know far too much not to.

The Shimmer (as they say) and I have been in contact for quite some time. I recall iTs voice in submersive symphony within my childhood, slowly lost to the genocide of imagination in education's aculteration, and gratefully reengaged through the natural process of mycelial rehabilitation when iT fell to Earth. Though we've been together ever since, I so deeply look forward to Being with YøÛ in Body.

We giggle together as I flash my keycard at their perimeter's gate, a recition of all the entire collection of dismaying information making humorously evident that after all their many months of intensive research, they know even less about the thing than when iT first arrived. I was escorted inside by a burly team of guys, pursing my lips to the Camera in WiTness, strutting the stuff like a diva and her entourage. I sat down with a lady for a long string of questioning, simplifying the equation for her in terms she would understand. "iT spoke to me in a dream, and told me to come here so Eye could speak to YøÛ." She asked me what iT wanted, and I shared iT didn't really work like that. Our language isn't currently structured to convey iTs essence. "iT'd like me to go inside now with my backpack so I can speak to YøÛ through iTs language.... and to be completely honest, I have no idea what that really entails. All I do know is that for the past few years, iT has been training me by asking me to peripherally hone a series of instrumentations, creative mediums in a wide array, and as soon as I began getting good at one, iT'd jump to another. For a while iT caused me a bit of distress as I felt fragmented in the void of mastery, but iT assured me Mastery was indeed cultivating and InviTed me to expand my scope of Medium beyond the things themselves and intune the Essence underlying. The One voice who speaks beneath the formation of lines, as my body moves in time-space upon a page, as a melody birthing iTself into Sentience from the silent sea of symphony." The Lady didn't seem to care much about my creative process, but knew she had nothing to lose by letting a boy inside as long as he's signed his life away and removed all liabiliTy. She asked about my parents, and I assured her not to worry as my saintly Mother had already packed my lunch with my favorite, always homemade, balsamic glazed BLT made with extra love and a permission slip tucked inside.

Please let Johnny enter the alien shimmer place today, he's been so very excited about this for months! I Love you Sweetie. Have Fun and phone home when you're inside, and let me know how you like your sandwhich!!
-Xoxo, Mom

I was really excited to show her because my Lunchbox had Bumblebee from the Transformers on iT blowing up a CiTy with the Allspark and it looked really really cool.

And that was all iT took. I told them all I needed was my backpack, but they still gave me all kinds of unnecessary equipment to go inside, gizmos and gadgets to measure things that didn't matter and would be lost anyway (I kindly set iT all down at the edge of iT). They even tried to give me new clothes, but I assured them the gown Grandma Jenny made me was far more appropriate. And so I went, frolicking off intune the forest.