18: Encradling

Inside the CiTy, the Boy arrives to incredible, DebiliTating Frustration

Daybreaks in a blooming sun, as He walks into the heart of the fallen city, a warehouse so long in degredation, unthreading seams, unfurling dreams upon the silent walls of tortured minds who’ve come from anywhere to speak in jagged lines spewn horrifically as the only space for the derranaged to speak, the madness of their beauty. Center in the space, He aligns His Spine to the High Eye, Breathing deepy intune a moment steeped in the eterniTy of Nothing, spirits of the festering, unworthy underground rise from the grimy black shadows for a peek to see, Release. His Body Unfolds, Cascading sails of colliding dreams, emanating in a Chaos of Color Colliding inside the the InsaniTy's Enshrining. The Voice unfurls as a blooming canvas, guiding the body in mycelial hands cradling the composing form from empty spaces of every direction and none at all, Storm Flood as Water through the Desert watch iT Fall, Face the Abyss in Open HeArt Forever the Call, to Feel iT Break, Embrace the Tsunamic Pain shattering into reassembly over and over again as one motion, the Devotion toEternal Grace, Eye LeviTate.

A Water's Flood stagnant energies into the seas, free the river inside of me, this building, our body breathes, a blue tower in time, a castle to enshrine our Collective Align to EpiTomize Human Desing in Co-Creation. LeviTation.


DreamWeaving Ahz

Emenating iT
Activate the Potential of Collective Creation, Alchemizing the Melody Eye Cast inTune the Symphony Harmonizing CommuniTy inside me our Family Salvation. Draping Dreamscape in Alchemical Motion, Composing Anatomy, RiTual's Devotion, Discovering Rhythm in this Space Eye Cultivate- Ceremony Eye Translate Cultura CreaTuRa breathing through the world Eye See Rebirthing in iTs Wake of WiTnessing- Arlea {A Bird Flies, Water through the Desert}

Draping Dreamscape
Hear we Align to Composing Anatomy, the Alchemy of Lifestyle Design, Elevading the Dream Lucidly intune Waking life. Here, Eye Articulate the Dream in ClariTy, Eye Choose to be the Embodying:

The Encode དཀཇཕ Jeanie ཇདཀླསྐ Intention

To Flourish Energetic Abundancy, free financial independency independently upon the internet. To be a DigiTal Nomad this Year through a flourishing stream of Story Unfolding Elevading, Crystalizing, exponentially expanding the sharing CommuniTy in Collaboration.
  • The Everyday's- Discovering the Natural Progression of the Everyday, Creating Content from the Flow space, Free State - Rhythmic Scenes cultivating QualiTy in Potency's Efficiency, while Discovering the Eye Am, How Eye Breathe, how the Water pours through me, a flower opening in wellspring, the flourishing while sharing the journey all along the way, celebrating the stumbling stepping stones, who sing in scenes of We the DigiTally Reflecting, with the audience, our Family exponentially expanding Mycelial ConductiviTea
  • To Speak in Tongue Mythologically articulating, the Narrative, Foundation
  • Freelancing- Thank you for the OpportuniTy to share this story's Expanding Scene Globally, Culturally, CreaTuRa the Eye See
  • Production- Our Collective Creation en Liberation.
  • Tea Company- Spice Trade, blockchain, open source encoding Mythology of the Eye Am. Beginning in small batches of Anything- hats, incense, socks, tea, bandanas, clothing... ;)

The Space

Everyday Eye Rise to Greet you, Everyday the Birthing We, Collapsing InfiniTy in SimpliciTy to Free Flow, I Release, sharing journey to the Discovery, FreeMotion to the Rhythm of Our Body, Being, Tunining to Anew Anatomy Composing Scene in this Dream Eye Breathe LucidiTea.
  • Phase 1- LiveJam LoopSpace, LoopState, Collapsing InfiniTy- Create a Steady Stream of everyday Music composed in the same Rhythm/WorkFlow
    • Guitar- to Know my Instrument
    • Drums- SimpliCiTy in Rhythm
    • Bass- CreaTura
    • Voice- to Open Connection to Truth
    • Misc (Last)- InviTing InfiniTy
  • {Phase 2- Film Flow, Phase 3- Dance, Phase 4- Timelapse Art} all elements woven together in high efficiency creating the video every day Eye See.