17: The Space

Hell is the Holy Fire.
What is the Phrase where I lets go, the Phrase Eye Fall Away?
A Curious Space iT seems in me, to hear these worlds who speak in Tongue. 

It was a curious time of life for the boy. Creation of Sweet Love came in a flash flood marking the turning of tides, the beginning of a new chapter. He had no notion for the motion beyond the launching, fueled in the storm of Rapturous Love and streaming ecstasy raining down from the Holy Lands of AbsurdiTy, a prominent voice, a wizard whispering astutely in his ear, a word once spoken, immediately devoted to the motion of entering the HeArt of the WTF- a Free Fall Dive of Faith to enter the CiTy of the Burning Man with no ticket nor money for one- unnecessary- for he were to perform the Magick to call forth the Miracle, on behalf of the Academy! Of Course, he had no idea what this meant at the time, but by damn iT felt right and the bags were packed that night.

Also that night, a call with she, for certain in perfect timing. A unified decision to go together, separate streams in one journey.

A Drive fully submerged in the Free Flow, release intune the word up in the "Booth", helping a man along the way as they say what goes around comes around. A Dream Tapestry to drap among the eyes of midway wanderers, creating a community of trailer junkees and starry eyed lovers. Open doors to the high, gracing space, grace state, in the Eye of the All See, here for you hear for we, a SpiriT Gracing way through me, granting Magick to all Eye speak are spoken in dreams fulfilled attuned to One.

Nomad man, cradled in community, the celebration of Holy fire DMT the Dossier our Home to be High swings as low where all stars fall, a love in the infiniTy of our body free flips switch in the imprisoning. Makeup. Come back home high upon the riverside.

She calls again, Love come tonight, Where Gods break free, the All Eye Release, and we are Born inTune anew Embodying. Who is iT who stepped through to make Love to You, a self I know so deeply though never once through this body, the ecstasy in Perfection upon the River Releasing body, the InfiniTy aligning of our Ensigning. The second Love first in Demonizing.

With the Sex God so effortlessly freed so long in Hiding, Poetry cascades as the music drapes, iT Emanates the Muse who sings InfiniTy. Lovers pour through the doors in granting teenage sexual fantasies of professors and their students co-mingling the epic in the Mundane, pure and the profane, slaves are slain to the Mother of Dragons.

A boy leaps into the air, all wind in sails, a song sung through the River, coalescing mythology, a boy to be free in the Discovery of Miracle Tone- a puppy set free into the High drapery are angels wings in Magery, a calling, everyday to see be the summoning (fall flat in the lap, a cat to fat to free the family). FaciliTating Traces of the Tea man draping the dream intune the family fall away as the boy falls off the wave, fracturing both wrists while losing the hands to hold she… calls wondering… why have you let them inside me?

Music without trees cast underneath the light of so many memories to fall Intune the future. A psychic man who knows nothing to unlock the language and flood the drawing. A woman met long ago who never did exist, lazy fat bitch in the form of a witch, bound the hands of the captivating artist underneath the canopy of sympathetic strings resonating seams in songs of we who Freed the Family.

Greetiing the sounds of music in deserting  day. A Love so in sync our Magick in Play, a touch who sings so softly in the kitchen's symphony of Love making enclothed in the coin, a two days facing, to see the sign of the heaven sent, hell-bent in chasing. Lovers live in honeymoon in a time so divine iT never knew the potency of poetry, a paradox in subjectiviTy. We first met upon the beach in psychic eyes of TriniTy in Angelian PortaliTy, grounding home in the loving touch, her left eye into-me-see. On this night I heard you scream, a little boy's body, born in Hell's inferno. It's okay to be Gay I heard you say… It's okay to be me, spoken to a soverignty… And so We Lived together, Loved together nearly celibately, though on the night of last, again through the hourglass of time who shatters in screaming… you were never really there for me… you missed the voice who sings… I Love you still so let iT Ring, as I fly off to your Mother's Land and you Fly away, blue bird flows in broken hands. Come Wendy, come fly, come fly with Peter Pan, as we dive intune the seas and sail off into Neverland, I'll hold the key, of miracle magick your home is with me.

Upon the ride between sides of the worlding cities, a Brother in Storm, so High He Fly instreaming flow, Bathing innatherhythmofiT, won with the Water forever know where to go as the going gives a Lover's Law, to the King give a key, next to the key give to he generation's stream to speak a song in scene, where though the back seat falls flat to the unfolding, the body breathes Alive, Fully Reside inside the High who see one to another breathing sails inTune the Brother. This forest is Alive on Halloween we feast on the Magick scene in family coming home to thee, where brother is a Lover of a new breed, touch to speak the EterniTy.

Flip swiTch, the Magick gone tragick, forever real you never had iT, where the Soul reason he came was to speak to the song, though the song he saw was long gone, never to fall in broken hands so he fled to the outer lands, where angels take the face of wretched women vomitting, home to the patterning, immensening energy, ocean's tsunami rain rapture in nights of long constraints in tighter, ever tightening until the water falls and the flood gates breaks, all our bodies in Hell are at stake to hear the cry of the World in my eye are Unification, encodation, all nations sing as the arena, never to shed a tear, so clear in a song who sing, one time to be one with the family, for you my dear, I arrive to your eye, and greet the Magdalenian oracle who Lies inside. Tantra be the tarot for you I feed the family, never to enter the waters of your womb until I have a tone to share with you (and so I never speak, in your arms to never be) and so He slays the Mother of Dragoning.

inTune the Desert son of the holy moutain, CreaTuRa touches the Earth in the Form of a Composing WiTness, hear to greet the Entirety of He in Scene in Scene the key to sea in Scene {on iT}. Motion is the summoning RiTual to the Eye See your discipline in paining me a Love so deep never meant to be the movie Eye Free in Tongue is the Holy Mountain.

Just in the midst of time I arrive to our Love in turn, to kiss in the snow,  and light a fire to burn in the space I watched you die, all night never to leave her holy high. Sweet Love, so very us to be love, move as the river in me Love, Hermes Knows key beyond the messenging, so gracefully releasing… a butterfly only beautiful when iT chooses to stay, unclinging hands to breaking wings, a butterfly to fly free.

A Brother to hold he in the mountains as a fall from flight tears the subtle fountain of youth, mobility to swing where the monkey's residing in climbing. Days played in song, a jam of unfolding times in relations to early days in salvations sensations of the ways we breathe to play Son. Rise n fall with the water on one CanvAhz

A Book. 2 weeks in publication, synthesizing Heaven and Hell as the place between, bridging dreams in through scene are we the breathing dreams, emanating flame bathing our Family in Freeing. Unfiying all Sides of me Unseen here in Being. Our bodies in motion as the arriving Spring. Nights out through the town rabbitholing with mages of the matrix, bicoasting spaces in synchroniciTies are we the walkways who free the We, illuminating the spaces restraining, Roman candles light to igniTe the Night, a Voice of the Cracking thunder shattering the hourglass. A Storm through the Desert. All at Once then None at All. Silence.

She Mirrors the walkways just traced in mans shoes of the holy holiday, here we eat with the holy family- brothers are Lovers in UniTy where Lovers are Mothers encradling wound who weave who sink so far beneathe the breathing body, black as smoke, sick and slimy crawling out of me in the arms of mothering. In the space you stood a Warrior Breathes, Redwood Roots Alive to Thrive, We Sail through the InfiniTy as Our Love's Neverlasting. How could you do this to me?

༏༏ཨསྐྐདཇཕ༹་Brother in Storm༏ལྐྐསྡྡཇཕ༹་ཨཧ

Washed ashore from shipwrecked seas, received in the arms of a Brother. Pure Water Weaver Walking in Storm where Eye the IniTiation, and so He breathes the InviTation. Come inside Brother. SiT. Eat. Breathe. Hear for you are a gift to me.  Come, you must be weary from the traveling, fragmenting, fracturing. May the words be unspoken as the tide comes to change, release the past hourglass and free fall into the hands of new lands, a fertile Earth lying just beneathe, hear in the arms of the Unknowing. knowing... Nothing...-'ཀཇླསྐདཇ༒༾་  hear EterniTy Lives in a breath, a single HeArt Beat-'ཀཇླསྐདཇ༒༾་  And then there was something... and the Universe Repeats

Bjork, the first I saw release, leader along the fire, free flow, story speaker, classic dreamer, plays in Caladasian Escapades her ecstasy, distastefully revolutionizing inside me, suddenly Dancing in Trance an Entirely new He Theatrically breathtaking the Dmt release, Brother in Storm Speak our Bodies breathe as One who Weave the Flowscape, Draping Dreamscape in Painting Telepathy, Synergy of Our Romance Bodies sing in Trance of our Home in Tone the sending. sharing Love in Hape, Shamana, Amazonia move with me martially, Brother, we release as the Seas expanding all Eyes who See surrounding, first catalyze and then capsize inside me. I will not perform for you. I will not put on a show for you. I fall into my solitude, iT overcomes me, disease, exercism I will not release. Ahz i let you go, a Prince cast from His DiviniTy.


Step inTune the Shoes of the Master. Eye Am the Maker. All Eye Am Creator. Storm Shaper, Painting Galaxy. Eye Am EterniTy in a Single Scene, the Journey Lives in the Entirety. Making Love as Emotioning Black Magening, the Psychopathic Savoring, Black is Grey Elevading, Come High intune the Eye of the Making, Sympathetically Resonating, Giving Love and then Breaking the neck of a Brother's Wings, the moment the Lover comes to Bring a kiss is torture's scream, the explosion hear in softening, feeling body in densiTy, Universal Precursoring a long December, a flower's fruitioning, unveiling Human Being as body breathing beneath the scenes who speak so madening.

Enter Stage left: Human Being, the Eternally Residing.