11: Dream Lover

I Love you. Thank you for Freeing me. Thank you for letting me go. Thank you for coming home to me, for Creating a new space inside, relieving this sickness so long stagnating a space unknown to me you open me InviTe me into myself. Thank you. Come and Go Love. Fly. Be Who you are to Be. Love, Live Freely. Openly. Experience the Beauty you Are. I set you free. Thank you for the Time we are together. For a wellspring of new memories to be continually Unfolding. Thank you for teaching me to Love with a hand wide open for Love to Land. Thank you> Fuck you, but mostly thank you. Fuuuuuck you. But Mostly thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything you are to me. I Love you so eternally. I Love you and iT hurts me so beautifully in a way so new to me. Fuuuuuuck this ShiT. Done with that chapter onto the next. I  feel so used by you. Discarded onto another. All just creative fodder. Fuck me through the music until our next slumber party when you’re less of a bitch/floppy fish. The next relationship I have will be monogomous. I’m sorry though I don’t know what for. I’d really like to hold you again tonight, cradle your heart and skin... (as friends who are slowly sliding hands down each other’s pants) It hurt how you silenced the romance. How you left me while inside. Im going to go back to being Sexually frustrated now for some time and take all my teenage angst out on the musical mythology. Seemed to be working fine before all this. wtf just happened? Thank you baby. Fly Free. Fuck yourself and Fuck me. No. no. nooooooo. Whadddabouutt da pudddding piiiieeeeeeee. You haven’t seen the last of me.
Jk. I died. In a car crash.